Lovefest: A Valentine’s Pop-up

February 7, 2017

Hello Austin lovers! Join Seek Wander Share at the Archer Hotel in the Domain for a Valentine’s pop-up shop hosted by The Swoon Event! We will be alongside other vendors spreading the joy and love. Shop our ethically sourced, handmade creations for your Galentine, Valentine or yourself. Swing by and say hello! We would love to see you there!

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New Beginnings

January 10, 2017

The new year marks a time of reflection. A time to look back on the path that has led you to this very place. A place of new beginnings, an open road where you can head towards any direction you choose. At Seek Wander Share, we are excited for these new beginnings and unknown possibilities the days ahead will bring. We’ve set a powerful intention for this new year — to make a positive impact everyday and everywhere we go. Something as simple as smiling at a stranger or volunteering in your community or as grandiose as giving back through focusing on building artisan partnerships at Seek Wander Share. We want to make an impact on this world and leave a positive footprint for every life we touch on a daily basis. From the attitude we choose to have on a particular day…to where we spend our money on shopping purchases…to how we choose to invest in our most meaningful relationships with our family and friends, every small gesture counts and will make a direct impact in someone’s life.

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Making your Giving list, checking it twice…

December 12, 2016
ethical fashion fair trade tote

Ever wonder who made your clothes, shoes or handbag? If you’re passionate about ethical fashion and are curious about how you can make a difference with your shopping or during with gift giving this holiday season, The Good Trade has got your back girl! Luckily our friends over at the Good Trade, rounded up a list of 16 ethically sourced, fair trade totes that look cute and do good. Talk about a win win. We believe through fair trade fashion and conscious shopping, together we can make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

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Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2016
ethical holiday gift guide

Tis the season, to give with meaning! Which is why we’ve created an ethical holiday gift guide so you can give for good this holiday season! Seek Wander Share has so many amazing gifts that provide sustainable income opportunities for our Artisans worldwide. From our Roll-on beaded bracelet sets that empower women with economic independence through fair and sustainable jobs to our handmade back-strapped loomed clutches that create sustainable economic opportunities for Guatemalan artisans, you can make a difference with your holiday shopping with Seek Wander Share. So while your making your ethical gift list and checking it twice, don’t forget to check out our ethical gifts under $25 and ethical gifts under $35!

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Ethical Holiday Pop Up Shops

December 9, 2016
ethical holiday 2016 pop up shops

You’re invited to come join us and party with you shop! We’ll be hosting these pop up shops either in or around Austin, Tx this holiday season. We love getting the opportunity to host ethical holiday pop up shops and meet all of you that have joined our journey in making a difference in the every day lives of our Artisan partners around the world.

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Down to Earth: Flash Sale

April 21, 2016
shop ethically sourced and sustainable for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Seekers and Wanderers! Enjoy 20% off your order Earth Day weekend when you use promo code: EARTHDAY2016 at checkout!  Do good for the planet and do good for your closet!

We can’t think of a better gift to all of humankind than mother nature aka Earth. With so many spectacular places to explore, conserving Earth’s natural beauty and resources should be a responsibility of all the citizens of the world. There are so many places yet to be discovered by our wandering souls and we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the raw landscape of the great outdoors. At Seek Wander Share, we find calmness and peacefulness when we are surrounded by the quiet scenery of trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, and feel grounded and closer to the earth. Adventure awaits as we prepare for a journey to all corners of the world and deeply connect with the forces of nature. That’s why it’s so important to us to protect and preserve all of nature’s resources!

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Guatemala Travel Guide: 3 Cities to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

April 14, 2016
Guatamala travel guide: 5 cities that will satisfy your wanderlust

Looking for an adventure that will inspire you and feed your body, soul and mind? Look no further than Guatemala. Brightly colored buildings around every corner, ideal weather 9 months out of the year, ancient ruins and rainforests abound in magical Guatemala. Nestled in Central America, and only a three hour flight from Dallas, Tx., Guatemala offers a variety of activities and settings to explore, perfect for a week long and multi-city vacation. Not only is planning your next wander-vacay in Guatemala incredibly affordable, but it will also enrich your soul as the energy of Guatemala is kind, organic and filled with so much life. To help you plan your trip, we’ve created our Guatemala Travel Guide of 3 amazing must-see cities and destinations that need to be added to your travel list pronto!

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Made with Love: How Our Ethically Sourced Hats are Made

April 7, 2016
ethically sourced straw fedora

At Seek Wander Share, we partner with established Artisan groups to create and spread positive social and economical impacts around the globe. Whether you’re seeking out ethically sourced women’s clothing or accessories, or just find yourself falling in love with our handwoven Straw Fedora, the story behind how these incredibly cute hats are made is both meaningful and resonating. Turns out shopping for adorable accessories is both fun, ethical and rewarding. When you learn the story behind how these beautiful handmade creations come to life, you’ll fall even more in love.

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Colorful Spring Trends for a Brighter, Bolder You

March 31, 2016
Ethically sourced spring trends for the modern girl

Spring is officially here, which means embracing all the beautiful color trends! Burst into Spring, with hues of red, orange and pink for the perfect pop of color to brighten any outfit. While traveling through Guatemala, we were inspired by all the beautiful blooms that naturally grew everywhere you turned. This year, spring trends are all about bringing boldness and warmth with pops of color in your accessories! Bring a touch of beautiful bright reds to any outfit with our metallic Coral Scarf, or top off a casual maxi dress for brunch with our Handwoven Straw Fedora and bright pink embroidered feather detail. Looking to add a punch of color to your go-to jeans and tee outfit? Stack up an arm party with our Fuchsia Wrap Bracelet and Tassel Bracelet. Explore your inner wanderlust whim by pairing the handmade one-of-a-kind Pastel Clutch with a maxi dress for an open road or jeans and a tee for those locales only spots. Whichever direction you choose to go, you’re sure to find your way sooner than later.

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Bloggers Gonna Blog: The Best Camera and Lens Advice for Travel Blogger Photos

February 16, 2016
best camera lens advice for newbie bloggers travel photos

Due to VERY popular demand, I wanted to write an update to our camera lens advice for those of you who are considering going on a trip in the new year and are wanting some real life advice from a blogger just like you! This post is all about getting those super pretty blogger travel photos and which camera lens combo you need to have to achieve the look. Now by all means, I am not a “professional photographer”, I didn’t go to art school nor do I have more than a year or so experience with a DSLR, but after spending two weeks in Italy with my dad and our trusty Nikon, I feel confident that I can help you decide on what camera to bring, what lenses you need and which to leave at home (sorry lenses!) and what setting will save your travel photos lives lol.

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Resort Essentials For Your Next Wanderlust Adventure

February 12, 2016
resort essentials for your next vacation

Our first trip to Guatemala was such an amazing experience that we can’t wait to go back again soon! Whether your wandering to Guatemala or another tropical destination, we’ve rounded up our must have resort essentials for your next tropical adventure! Exploring is all about embracing a new culture and community which calls for comfortable, breezy and feel good pieces. Keep scrolling to shop the post below!

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Current Mood: Seeking Adventure

February 5, 2016

Seek Wander Share’s ethical shop is right around the corner and it has us sitting on the edge of our seats with excitement and anticipation! With so much eagerness to finally “open the doors” to our online marketplace, we wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and give you a tease of what inspired our Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Adventure and wanderlust are two words that come to mind to capture the mood of this season’s collection filled of handmade artisan creations for the modern woman. A perfect blend of traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, we want women to feel like our one-of-a-kind pieces can take them on a tropical vacation to date night on the weekend to accessorizing their every day jeans and tee. We didn’t shy away from fun, bright colors and patterns and all our items will inspire you to drop everything you are doing, pack a bag and explore places near and far. Most importantly, shopping with a purpose is what Seek Wander Share values most; all of our products are made with love from talented, Guatemalan artisans that are keeping time-honored techniques alive. With 3 days left until the big reveal, don’t forget to  mark your calendars and until then, keep on seeking an adventure that’s calling your name!

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We Believe in Dreams…

January 15, 2016
ethically sourced shop for modern girl

Through our recent travels to visit one of our artisan groups in Guatemala, we’ve been completely moved and affected by the kindness, determination and strength of our artisan partners. After announcing our soon to come relaunch of Seek Wander Share as an ethically-sourced and socially conscious online shop filled with beautiful handmade creations for the modern girl, we felt it incredibly important to share with all of you the values and standards that support our commitment to creating a positive social and economical impact for our artisan groups, their families and communities.

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The Real Story Behind Seek Wander Share

January 6, 2016
seek wander share, ethical fashion, socially conscious

Photo Cred: Todd White

With 2016 in full swing, we are delighted with the possibilities that will present themselves in the months ahead. This is the year, that the ambitious ladies of Seek Wander Share will do something that scares them and take a HUGE risk! With some serious goals in mind, Seek Wander Share has quietly been working on an exciting venture that has taken tons of time and energy! So why work so hard for the unknown? After all, one of the outcomes can be failure, womp womp. Well, we are glad you asked. As cliche as it may sound, Jennifer and Melissa have decided to chase their dreams and start a project that allows them to explore their passion. Don’t worry…the suspense is finally over because we are soooo ready to shout out our big secret from the rooftops. Seek Wander Share is beyond thrilled to announce that on February 8th, 2016, we will be revealing a revamped blog and launching an ethically-sourced and socially conscious shop with beautiful handmade products from artisans around the world curated for the modern girl just like YOU. It’s with an adventurous and curious heart, that we invite you to read along and learn about the real story behind Seek Wander Share.

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Versatile Styling: Taking Your Maxi Skirt From Day to Night

November 19, 2015
versatile styling taking your maxi skirt day to night

Finding ways to reuse and re-style key pieces in your wardrobe is the secret to a versatile and long-lasting collection of mix and match pieces for a girl-on-the-go’s dream closet. After all the last thing a busy girl with a day job, a passion project and/or friends, family, social life and down time needs is super complicated outfit options. One of our favorite ways, whether it’s fall or spring, to style a versatile outfit is by incorporating a flowy maxi skirt! Maxi skirts are not only SUPER COMFY but are incredibly versatile, easily taking the girl on the go from day to night or casual to dressy if a few easy switch ups that you probably already have in your closet!

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How to Deal When Your Past Won’t Let Go

November 17, 2015
how to deal with the past

We’ve all been there, where your life seems to finally be hitting stride. And not just any old stride, but a new, fresh-start stride. You’re sailing along, finally getting a hang of a “new normal” after the past year or so has felt like a struggle to get over a hump of changes whether they be breaking up with your partner, growing apart from an old friend or calling it quits on a dream project you’ve had all your life, when BAM. Your past abruptly rears it’s unwelcome head and say’s “Hey. Remember me? Remember this pain? Remember this heart-ache? Remember this un-wanted change?” and you’re all like “REALLY? like really? like right now as I’m FINALLY getting the hang of sailing my new ship on its new course?”.

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How to Wear Floral Prints in Fall and Winter

November 12, 2015
floral prints for fall and winter

Just because the weather is cooling down or downright chilly doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little life to your fall and winter wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to switch up the doom and gloom of dreary weather is with a little infusion of romantic floral prints. You might be thinking, um huh? Floral prints in fall and winter? But trust us, there are only so many variations of plaid, cable knit and houndstooth before your calling in sick with winter style boredom.

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9 Secrets For Making the Clothes You Love, Last

November 5, 2015
how to make your clothes last longer

Lately I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of what I buy thinking of things like how I see myself using an item long-term and how useful it is with other pieces in my closet. I’m partially inspired by this whole concept of thoughtful consumption, the new film The True Cost but also just gosh darn tired of getting sucked into buying stuff that I don’t love and won’t use past the next month. So when deciding to buy something is as much a labor of love as you can imagine it would be for an over analytical thoughtful geek like me, the last thing you want to happen is for an item you LOVE and add to the family, to get ruined or damaged!

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Women Who Inspire: Packed Party

November 3, 2015
packed party

photo cred: Packed Party

Calling all Party Girls!! What’s navy blue, starts a party, makes you smile and is delivered to your doorstep? You guessed it, a PACKED PARTY! which is the best gift ever for your friends, family and even yourself (after all, the idea was born when founder Jordan Jones threw herself a pity party)! But don’t be fooled, Jordan is the ultimate boss babe; as an inspiring female entrepreneur, she started this business at the young age of twenty-three and it’s taken off ever since then. A true dream chaser, Jones took the time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on what it takes to start a business.

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